Destination: Italy

The semester from hell is finally over.  The grades came in last week.  It did not come as a surprise to me that I did rather poorly in all of my classes but at least I passed.  Obviously, my goal of graduating cum laude is out of the window but at this point, I really could care less.

Now I am one credit away from graduation.  Yes, just one.  I’ll be taking it online next semester then do my internship before I graduate sometime this summer.

Because of all the inane crap 2008 brought me, I feel I need to get away from it all for a while and regroup…  So, I have decided I will be going to Italy this Spring for about a month, if not longer.  I will probably spend the majority of my time in Calitri with some time in Napoli, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Roma.

I have been to Calitri four times in the last nine years but never for longer than a couple of days.  I want to really experience their way of life, which is best described as down-to-earth and uncomplicated.  I want to just saunter all day long, explore every niche and corner of the ancient village and its surroundings, retrace the footsteps of my ancestors, get to know my cousins (all hundreds of them), take pictures, breathe in the invigorating mountain air, eat cingul’, cannazze’, lahan’, m’gliatiegghij’, aurecchi’ r’ preut and sciliend‘, drink loads of robust Italian (read: authentic) espresso and Zio u’ biond’s succulent wine and, above all, escape from reality and worry about absolutely nothing.

Yes, I think that’s just the medicine I need.

Calitri, are you ready for me? 🙂


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5 responses to “Destination: Italy

  1. you’ll be missed in phoenix….you better post pictures while you’re there!

  2. Okay-you have to write and tell me about all your time in Calitri! Have you found relatives there? Are you going to rent a place or stay with people that you know? I’ve only been once and hope to go back and find family. Very exciting for you!

  3. Gervase

    You bet I will! 🙂 I do still have relatives in Calitri that I will be staying with. What are your calitrani names? Maybe I can help you.

  4. My grandmother was a Maffucci, and I know that half the town is named Maffucci! My grandfather was Capossela and I saw in the phone book that there a few still there. And what about your family?

  5. Gervase

    My cousin, Cinzia, in Calitri married a Maffucci (michele), not surprisingly! :). I’m close to Michele as well as his brother, Antonio, and sister, Tania.

    My family names are Gervasi, Margotta, Nicolais and Paolantonio. What was your grandfather’s first name if you don’t mind me asking?

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