This morning I went shopping for food and came out of the store with nothing but fruit, vegetables and chicken. I was initially shocked how expensive it was; then a friend reminded me that while processed foods cost less, they make you more hungry and want to eat more. Another friend recommended two books, one by Mark Bittman and another by Nava Atlas, that teach you how to shop wisely and cheaply for healthy food. I think I’ll check these books out tomorrow. If anyone else has tips or suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

For lunch, I met with friends at Pita Jungle where I had Chicken Tikki Masala with greens and a huge heaping of brown rice (of which I took a few small bites). Absolutely delicious and filling!

Afterwards, I took my sparsely-used bike to a bike shop to have it tuned up and the tires replaced. It’ll be ready by noon tomorrow.

Then I stopped at LA Fitness to see about signing up for a free two-week trial but, unfortunately, they no longer offer it. I guess they’re overwhelmed with the January “New Year’s Resolution” gym crowd that they have stopped doling out free trials. I’ll just have to suck it up and drive a little further to the Y. They’re offering a yoga/pilates class tomorrow at 10:45. I think I’ll attend.

Ah, it’ll be an hour til 6 so I better whip something up for dinner. Don’t want to break my new “eat no later than 6 pm” rule on the very first day, now do I?

salad topped with grilled chicken strips, avocado and spicy peanut vingarette

My dinner: salad topped with grilled chicken strips, avocado and spicy peanut vingarette

P.S. If you haven’t noticed yet, I changed the title of my blog to “Un Calitrano Sordo” (A Deaf Calitrano). More fitting, methinks.


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7 responses to “Followup

  1. Meg

    it’s good to eat more fruits and veggies, but you can still eat anything.. just need to learn how to measure your food. nearly everything is “good” for your body, depending how much you eat. I noticed what helps me is eating small portions every few hours.. not just breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.. split your breakfasts into two, one at 8, another at 10am, then split your lunch into two, one at noon, another at 2pm then small snack at 4pm then reasonable sized dinner at 6pm. your lunch should be bigger than your dinner though.

    when you work out, you don’t need to be all out-of-breath and sweaty to lose weight.. you only need to raise your heart rate to 60%ish to lose weight.. its the matter of burning calories, unless you’re trying to buff up then that’s different.

  2. Meg

    another thing that annoys the hell out of me is when people who are “dieting” only eat salad then put tons of toppings and dressing on it… that has more calories than a cheese hamburger! have more green than toppings, and have dressing on the side. 🙂

  3. Gervase

    “your lunch should be bigger than your dinner…. “

    That makes a lot of sense. When I was in Italy, my lunch was always bigger than my dinner, as is customary there. Because of this, along with a lot of walking, I shed 10 pounds in mere two weeks. This probably explains why so many Italians are skinny.

    Tonight I made the mistake of pouring dressing on my salad instead of having it on the side! Oops.

    Thanks for the tips and suggestions. 🙂

  4. Pam

    Good luck on getting healthy! I’ve been trying for the longest time and have been unsuccessful. I think my problem is I go overboard in the beginning and burn out. I know how to lose weight, it’s just a matter of pacing myself and reminding myself losing weight is long term and not short term.

  5. Amy L.

    that is a really small dinner lol

  6. Gervase

    @Amy — haha! it was bigger than it looks in the picture. I guess it’s the angle. 😛

  7. Gervase

    Thanks! I can definitely relate to your frustration. I was doing so well last year from January to May. I lost around 25-30 pounds before I fell off the wagon and gained most of it back. :-\

    It’s not easy at all. It requires a complete change in lifestyle….but I’m determined to stick to it this time around.

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