My new mantra: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”

Today is the day I start eating healthy and exercising more. I’m going to try and drink nothing but water, plain tea and fruit smoothies for the next couple of weeks; that means absolutely no alcohol and soda (even diet). I’ll stick to high protein and try to eliminate carbohydrates from my diet as much as possible. Also, I will try not to eat after 6 pm.

The Y, where I have a free membership, is a bit too far so I may look into joining LA Fitness, which is just around the corner. Like the Y, LA Fitness offers yoga and pilates classes, which I really enjoy.

I have a bike that I have had for three years but used only once. It obviously needs to be tuned up and the tires replaced…so I’ll do that tomorrow then put it to good use! The greenbelt in Scottsdale and Tempe Town Lake, both perfect for bike rides, are only a few miles away from me.

New Gervase, here I come!


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7 responses to “My new mantra: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”

  1. alcohol? omg. this is going to be interesting!

    i know we can do it and we WILL!!

  2. donald

    good luck! 🙂

  3. run4change

    Thin does feel good. I lost 130 lbs and have kept it off for over a year. I would not trade that feeling for anything. Good job on starting your journey towards better health.

  4. Gervase

    stephanie – I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol from January to May last year, so I know it’s feasible. 🙂

    Don – Thanks!

    run4change – wow, 130 lbs! what a feat…. that gives me hope!

  5. amialag

    yahoo! you can do it!

  6. greeklilies

    “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”
    this mantra is far too true, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to fit in those jeans you’ve wanted to wear forever.
    i’ve eliminated red meat, alcohol and nearly any beverage that has high concentrations of corn fructose syrup. i’m already seeing results!

    good luck!

  7. Gervase

    thanks, christin!

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