Midnight ramblings

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. My basset hound, Siena, is going in for a surgery in the morning to have her sebaceous cyst removed and her teeth cleaned. Nothing life-threatening but I’m still worried. After having lost Dante last September, I’m a little overprotective of her.

Anyway, instead of lying wide awake in bed waiting for sleep to come, I’ve decided to blog.

For lunch today, I had what may be the most amazing Gravad Lax (raw cured salmon) I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I bet you’d never guess where. You ready? The cafe at IKEA! Told you you’d never guess! After taking the first bite, I knew I just had to buy some so I got four packages at a surprisingly low price of $4.99 each. And it’s healthy, to boot!

Gravad Lax

Gravad Lax

Once Kim and I finished our lunch, we went on a little shopping spree. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I walk in. I have had my eyes set on their Hopen bedroom furniture but logic took hold and I decided to wait until I win the lottery or something. I ended up buying a couple of frames, lamps and a pot.

After that, I went to pick up my bike…all tuned up and ready to go! I’m excited.

This is second day of my healthy regimen and I’m already feeling more energetic than usual. That could be the other reason why I’m not able to sleep.

Okay, I’m going to bed, or at least try to. A long, busy day awaits me.


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10 responses to “Midnight ramblings

  1. 1. Hope all goes well for Siena tomorrow!
    2. I knew where because I saw Kim’s Twitter! 😉
    3. Want to go hiking??

  2. Gervase

    1. Thanks!
    2. LOL, yeah, I saw your reply. 😛
    3. Sure, when??
    4. Why the hell are you still up?

  3. 1. Let me know how it goes!
    2. I saw you on the News…tsk tsk!
    3. Saturday?
    4. Couldn’t sleep…really tired now.

  4. Gervase

    1. Will do.
    2. News??? What???
    3. Sure.
    4. Ditto. 😦

  5. 1. Good boy!
    2. What you did at IKEA…soon you’ll have visitors at your apartment.
    3. YAY!
    4. At least you don’t have to work!

  6. Gervase

    1. Boy?
    2. Kim – that big mouth.
    3. 😀
    4. I have to give a presentation at ASU…in an hour and half. Totally unprepared here.

  7. 1. Yes, you heard me.
    2. Hopefully someone can bail you out?
    3. Not too early, k!
    4. Presentation on what? 2012? :p

  8. Gervase

    1. Again. I didn’t hear you.
    2. I think I’ll stay. Jail is cheaper than rent.
    3. Y not?
    4. Yes! I’m going to convert you one day.

  9. 1. Right, you’re deaf…I know you “read” me.
    2. Trubiz, and you’d lose weight in jail.
    3. Because you’d had enough of sleep-in days and I haven’t, kthx!
    4. Nope, Nope and NOPE!

  10. Gervase

    1. w/e
    2. true
    3. w/e
    4. yep³


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