Update on Siena

Siena (note the incision on her right side)

Siena (note the incision on her right side)

The staff at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic are the nicest bunch of people you would ever want to meet. This morning, the nurse carefully and patiently went over what needed to be done and gave me an estimate of whopping $575 *whistle* for the excision of a cyst on Siena’s right side as well as teeth cleaning and a nail trim. When I walked in tonight to pick her up, the nurse told me she found a cluster of three masses that were cysts (none of which are malignant, thankfully) on her other side so she went ahead and surgically removed them. She also added that she cleaned her ears. “Oh boy, I hope this didn’t cost me more money,” I thought to myself.

Then came a nice surprise… She smiled then said she managed to shave $300 off my final bill bringing my total to $285. I couldn’t believe it! It is incredibly gratifying to know that there are still kind people in this world. A heartfelt thanks to Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic and especially the nurse, Bethany!

Siena is doing quite well, albeit a bit groggy from the anesthesia. She should be back to her perky self by tomorrow afternoon.


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6 responses to “Update on Siena

  1. Yay – that’s good to hear!

  2. donald

    That is awesome news! πŸ™‚

    Good news about the bill (saving money is always nice) but awesome news about Siena!

  3. Gervase

    Thanks! Both her health and the costly bill were on my mind all day. So I’m relieved everything worked out at the end.

  4. amialag

    siena! she’s so adorable- glad she’s okay πŸ™‚

  5. Gervase

    thanks, amy. πŸ™‚ she wants me to tell you she misses you!

  6. awww, i’m glad she’s home and resting up to lick her daddyo tomorrow when she’s back to her normal self!

    i have a message for siena.

    arf, aaaeeerrfff, awffoooie, arf!

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