zu Deutschland, los gehts!

At 11:30 this morning, I received an email from Travelzoo which read:

PHOENIX–JANUARY 16, 2009– We’ve just uncovered a last-minute fare sale on Orbitz for flights to Frankfurt, Germany, from Phoenix. Fly for just $385 roundtrip — including taxes! This fare normally sells for $600-$1000.

My eyes bulged! I knew right there and then that I had to snatch it before it goes up or, worse, disappears. I asked my friend, Kim, if she wanted to go and the answer was, of course, yes! Within twenty minutes of receiving that notification via email, I purchased tickets for the both of us.

We’ll land in Frankfurt the morning of February 14th where we will stay for a night or two. Then we’ll drive a rented car to Amsterdam for a couple of days before heading to Brussels where I have friends and relatives (many Calitrani emigrated to Belgium from Calitri). After that, we may head to Paris. We return from Frankfurt on the 22nd.

I love spontaneous trips like this.


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9 responses to “zu Deutschland, los gehts!

  1. i’m offended you didn’t ask me to go with you! jk

    when the hell am i ever going over there?

  2. Gervase

    you crossed my mind but i knew you’d say no. 😉

  3. a) I hate you.
    b) I hate you.
    c) I hate you.

  4. Gervase

    Aw. I love you too, Mike!

  5. Pamoo

    omg. that deal. so lucky…

    i love spontaneous trips too. ♥

  6. Gervase

    I know, right? I couldn’t believe how cheap the ticket was, considering our shaky economy today.

    One of these days, we’ll have to take a trip together, eh?

  7. John Gezelius

    You’re gonna have a great time – I wish I had that flexibility!

  8. Meg

    I wanna move to Phoenix just for those flight discounts! lol

  9. You lucky guy-have a fabulous time!

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