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I got more information from Emma, my soon-to-be boss, as to what I’ll be doing exactly during my internship. She said she focuses mostly on property sales and vacation rentals leaving little time for her to focus on another important aspect: tourism. That will be my main responsibility. I will basically organize trips, create itineraries and connect with resources from other areas for foreigners. She also added that she owns a wine bar which has live music and serves local wine. She wants to take it a step further and use her bar to host weddings and possibly create another kind of tourism (perhaps wine?). That’s where my help and expertise will come in.

I can’t ask for a more ideal internship! This is a perfect fit with what I have learned at ASU in the past two years and what I aspire to do professionally. Organizing trips and planning weddings are among the things I enjoy doing. And wine! I am a wine aficionado. Let me tell you — my taste buds have never tasted wine more tantalizing than that from Calitri!

Also, I have mentioned several times how everyone in Calitri is related, right? Well, my grandfather’s cousin, Maria, is married to Orazio, who turns out to be Emma’s grandfather’s brother! How about that?!

By the way, I learned that I will be without internet access at my flat in Calitri but I will have my own desk (oooh!) at the agency with free Internet access…. so I will definitely be in touch while I’m there!


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5 responses to “More information

  1. Vincent

    Where ( street and rione… cascina, vuccolo, strettole ct.) is the flat you will be living in Calitri?
    You will become a full fledged Calitrano in no time at all….and you will be speaking Calitran with it’s musicality and poetry…..sono geloso…
    Buon divertimento..

  2. Gervase

    Hi Vincent,

    The address I will be living at is Via Posterla 69. La conosci? My relative, Vito Michele, lives on Via Costantino Frucci.

    I look forward to being transformed into a calitrano!

  3. amialag

    hey jason. i can’t wait to hear about your experiences!
    i came across this post, if you’re ever in the area, check it out for me! 🙂

  4. Gervase

    shit, those are some awesome hotels!!! i’ll definitely try to check them out if im in the area.

    why not come and visit me in italy….? 😉

  5. southernitaly

    hey – my neck of the woods 🙂 You’ll be very close to us 🙂 (I know owners of a house on via Posterla, BTW….I think they are a bit further up the road though than #69, so I guess it’s not their house. I’ve met some of the other neighbors on the street as too though…you won’t find any friendlier neighbors than in the borgo!) Don’t worry about Internet either – Itaca Internet access is only 3 EUR/hour…and now Marco has webcams and VIOP you can use to “call” home as well.

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